Input Display Improvements

I did some more work on my JAMMA input display recently and its working really well now. Before I had some issues with stuck inputs and it freezing up, but I upgraded to the 1.0 version of and now it’s rock solid. I also upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 2 which reduced the lag between the inputs and the display.

I’ve been on pager duty for work this week, which means I need to be near a computer at all times in case something goes wrong. That possibility rules out going for a nice long bike ride this weekend, so instead I added to new feature to my input display: remote control!

You can now click/tap on any of the inputs on the display and they will be remotely triggered. Not super handy, but neat! The idea came about when hanging out with KevinDDR while I was teaching him how to play Ketsui and telling him when to bomb to avoid dying. I thought it would be cool to be able to actually do it for him. Someday we’ll get together and try it!

March Biking Update

On pace to meet my goal of 1,500 miles in 2015!

  • Miles in March: 156
  • 2015 miles so far: 482
  • 2015 miles to go: 1,018

February Biking Update

With today being the last day of February and a beautiful day here in Seattle, I went for a 14.8 mile ride along the Burke Gilman trail up to Matthews Beach. So in February I biked 126.8 miles, putting me at 325.8 miles so far this year. That leaves 1,174.2 miles for my goal of 1,500 miles this year.

I biked less in February than in January due to a trip for work that made me miss a week of biking to work, as well as a trip to visit my brother. However, I’m still on a good pace to meet my goal!