October Biking Update

  • 2015 miles as of October 18th: 1299
  • Miles to go toward goal of 1,500: 201

Haven’t updated in a bit, but I’ve been keeping up with my goal. I have 73 days left to bike 201 miles, which is certainly doable!

Early June Biking Update

  • 2015 miles as of June 7th: 787
  • Miles to go toward goal of 1,500: 713

April was a little slow for biking which is why I didn’t post an update. We had a big family vacation in Hawaii where I didn’t do any biking other than coasting down Mount Haleakala after watching the sunrise there. The views were amazing and the bike ride was about 15 miles of downhill, starting at 6,450 ft above sea level and riding down to about sea level.

Back in Seattle, it became time for a new bike. The bike I’ve been riding is a Gary Fisher mountain bike I bought back in Colorado in 2004 so I could do the 27-mile Elephant Rock Ride. Its been a good bike but the fat tires and front shock aren’t ideal for commuting.

I now ride a Cannondale CAADX Rival, which has been great so far. It’s so much easier to go fast, in fact on my first commute ride I set new personal bests on three segments of my route!

A friend of mine that lives on Mercer Island invited me and my wife Krista over for fried chicken, so I rode there and back while Krista drove. This was my first time going over I-90 on a bike and it was a nice ride, but a lot harder than other rides I do! Lots of hills and climbing, which my commute and the Burke Gilman trail don’t have. The ride was 20 miles round trip but left me considerably more tired. I need to do more hill climbing!

Also, I’m getting Krista more into biking and she’s getting more comfortable riding on the streets and using her bike as a way to get around. We’re slowly increasing the distance of our rides together.

I’m past the halfway point!

Input Display Improvements

I did some more work on my JAMMA input display recently and its working really well now. Before I had some issues with stuck inputs and it freezing up, but I upgraded to the 1.0 version of socket.io and now it’s rock solid. I also upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 2 which reduced the lag between the inputs and the display.

I’ve been on pager duty for work this week, which means I need to be near a computer at all times in case something goes wrong. That possibility rules out going for a nice long bike ride this weekend, so instead I added to new feature to my input display: remote control!

You can now click/tap on any of the inputs on the display and they will be remotely triggered. Not super handy, but neat! The idea came about when hanging out with KevinDDR while I was teaching him how to play Ketsui and telling him when to bomb to avoid dying. I thought it would be cool to be able to actually do it for him. Someday we’ll get together and try it!