Muchi Muchi Pork v1.01 1-ALL

Haven’t been playing a lot of shmups in recent times, but I played some Muchi Muchi Pork on XBox 360 and was able to 1-ALL the game and reach the 2nd loop for the first time!

I own the PCB of this game, which is v1.00 of the game. Differences in v1.01 which is in the XBox 360 port:

  • No silly 2nd loop requirement. v1.00 requires no deaths to reach the 2nd loop. v1.01 only requires a one credit clear of the first loop.
  • The lard meter burns down slower, making the game considerably easier than v1.00.

Thanks to my v1.00 clear, I only needed to play a few games of v1.01 to get to the 2nd loop.

This game is so fun, definitely one of my favorites STGs. The stage 4 and stage 5 bosses remain trainwrecks for me, but thankfully I can keep enough lives in stock to squeak past.

Next goal: Break a billion points in Mushi Futari BL God Mode.

2015 Biking Results

Unfortunately, I did not meet my biking goal of 1,500 miles for 2015.

I went 1,379 miles total in 2015.

I injured my back in late October which made me unable to bike. I was able to get back in the saddle in late December and ride about 40 more miles before heading out for Christmas vacation in Colorado to visit our families.

I’ve had back problems for years but after going to physical therapy for this most recent flare up, I’ve got a good set of stretches and exercises that should help me prevent future issues.

I’ll be setting a new goal for 2016 and working to maintain my back so that I don’t get sidelined again!

October Biking Update

  • 2015 miles as of October 18th: 1299
  • Miles to go toward goal of 1,500: 201

Haven’t updated in a bit, but I’ve been keeping up with my goal. I have 73 days left to bike 201 miles, which is certainly doable!